Erika Mala
Counselling & Psychotherapy

Many couples go through a difficult phase in their relationship at some point. It could be that neither of them is getting what they need from their relationship. Issues may be around different values, beliefs and decisions about important things in the couple's life. This can lead to a vicious circle of blame and unresolved arguments. 

Some difficulties can be triggered by external factors such as work related issues, financial problems, having a child, children leaving home or other changes in the family.

Couples Counselling provides:

  • Opportunity for both of the partners to express, explore and reflect on their feelings, thoughts/ beliefs and behaviours to each other.
  • Confidential space for communication and better understanding of self, one another and couple’s relationship.
  • Support around managing feelings and resolving conflict
  • Work around intimacy and sexual relationship
  • Increased self-awareness and confidence for both
  • Work after an affair
  • Work around separation